Friday, January 18, 2008

Was is das??

Have you ever thought what really makes fashion?
What is a trend?
Who makes them?

Surfing the net I have found countless sources of trends, fashions and previews. The most inspiring thing of all is that most of the best ideas I found, I found them on a blog. But what makes people create a blog? Why is it that My Space, You Tube and the related copies/same-old things have so much success? Is it a trend? Is it fashion? Why are all the high-end designers looking at what the simple people like you and me do?

I wonder.

Welcome to the ego revolution! Because deep down inside, even if globalization is comfortable and it makes life easy, we hate it. Blogs and all the things related are a way we have found for our individual egos to express themselves. Everyone likes to be unique in one way or another. Up to the 1990's, fashion tried to blend everybody; making us minimal, anonymous and androgen. Now we have started the simple people fashion revolution. And the world is listening.

Blogs like "The Sartorialist" and "Perez Hilton" have become shrines of fashionistas all over the globe. It seems everybody has something to say. From dangerous minds of psyco students, to the elegance of trend-setters, we want to let everybody know that we are here, and we want our 15 minutes of fame.

It's amazing how many they are and how different from one to another. But look carefully, the difference is in the details, and that is what huge fashion houses are looking for. Detail. That little thing that can make big changes.

So if you think that I'm going to be the one answering the above questions, think again. I only think that if fashion is art in some way, it has to be related to a social movement. And if the movement is all about blend and globalization, why is fashion going the other way?

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