Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Norden design: best behavior

Lately I have been traveling a lot inside europe (being that we are entering fashion weeks zone) and I have to say that in many of my fave stores I now see a lot of  Norden designers (this is the correct term people! The Scandinavian peninsula only includes Norway, Sweden and part of northern Finland). Living in Italy, I have no chance to check Urban Outfitters as often as I would like but as soon as I get a chance to be in London, I sure drop by.

This time was no exception and I came across a brand called best behaviour.

best behavior is a high profiled contemporary women's design & fashion concept, established by the Danish designers Marie Ørberg and Malene Brøchner in 2004. The ultimate goal was- and still is- to set new standards in design for women.

The concept is based on multifunctional design and the undisputed approach to a relaxed yet innovative silhouette, where no cut or drape is placed by chance. The force behind the collections is a unique energy and an almost dogmatic approach to design, where the focus is simple colours, unusual cuts, cool details and above all - a good fit. With the best behavior look and the possibility for customers to vary each design, best behavior clothes and accessories become more sustainable. The style is simple, raw and clear cut, but always ultra feminine. best behavior makes a recognizable line through out the collections with a simple and strong personal style.

The relaxed comfortable look of best behavior clothing has been one of the reasons for the fast and big market recognition the best behavior collections have received, from the very beginning.
The focus on designed tops, cardigans and dresses has made this brand one of the buyer's absolute favorites, as it represents a commercial, yet high profiled, fashion statement in any medium - to high end fashion shop.

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