Monday, March 24, 2008

Get funky with Punkyfish

As fashion progress, trends change and brands go. In the 80's, english designers had everything going for them since punks and preppies where the highlight of fashion at the time. Fastforward 20 years and we have the same situation.

Streetwear is making a huge comeback, since fashion is now taking inspiration of the infamous decade. Punks are in right now and we see flourescent hues and ankle boots in every catwalk. As they say, look into the past to know where you are going.

This said, I'll like to talk to you about a brand I have been tailing for quite a while.

Punkyfish got started on 2001, on the market stalls of Camden in England. Shortly, they have become a global brand that now sells from several clothing ranges to accessories, cosmetics and jewllery.

They label themselves as not just a brand but a way of life, that is out there to to shape a bright future. And bright it is, since they have a wide range of colourful designs and styles. Their mix of punk-rock and color makes them perfect to dress young energetic women in clothing packed with confidence and attituded, as they say.

Punkyfish is funky, new and alternative. It brings a new vision of what young people want right now and are not afraid to wear. It's comfortable and easy going streetwear that has come a long way and is going to make a lot of buzz in the near future. If you want more to see more about them they have an on-line store at: Nice shopping!

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