Friday, March 21, 2008

Acne Jeans- Denim's new frontier

Recently, I came about a brand called Acne Jeans. I loved the quality and the hip red stitching design of the clothing, so I decided to investigate further. It turns out, Acne is a swedish company that started in 1996 in Stockholm, from the desire of creating a brand and helping others creating their own brands. From this noble gesture, the company expanded not only in fashion, but also in graphic, advertising and game creating which now are all known as The Acne Collective.

It actually doesn't come as a surprise at all. More and more, scandinavian designers and brands have been making their way into the fashion landscape. Their fresh and individual designs have been making a buzz all over the fashion world in later years. Their simple, enviornmentally friendly options have given way to a kind of new approach to fashion. This said, I can understand why Acne is one of the leaders of this important movement.

The creative mind behind all this is Jonny Johannson who started the company by creating one hundred pairs of jeans, that he distributed to friends, family and potential clients. His idea worked out so well, that soon enough, many stores and boutiques wanted to carry the distinctive raw denim stiched in bright red jeans.

But not only. Acne jeans has a unique vision of fashion. Even though they release every collection to form a unique concept, every piece can be worn separately and mixed with other brands. Acne Jeans aims to create a modern framework for individuality, which in a way helps develop single visions and expressions.

Acne jeans is an example of dedication, decision and creativity that brings hope to young designers. It teaches us that team work, vision and even the smallest idea can become a wonderful reality, even in the oddest and saturated fields; good ideas come through.

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